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Celtic Knot 3" Quaich with Thistle Medallion Center

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A small thistle medallion graces the bowl of this 3" bowl quaich while entwined celtic knots made the handles or 'lugs'. THe outside edge is also decorated with entwined celtic knots, making this a very nice quaich to give this year. The word 'quaich' is derived from the Gaelic word 'Cuach' which means a shallow cup or as we know it today, a drinking cup. The Quaich originated in the Scottish Highlands centuries ago and became the favorite drinking cup throughout Scotland. Traditionally, the Quaich is used when offering a guest 'the cup of welcome' and again when offering the farewell or parting drink. The simple distinctive design of the quaich has remained unchanged over the centuries - a shallow bowl with two handles or ears, colloquially known as 'lugs.' Original quaichs were made from staved wood and then from horn or leather. These materials were later superseded by pewter or silver in the late seventeenth century. The Highland Quaich is now a popular gift and is a prized possession for Scots worldwide. This quaich has a 3" bowl, celtic knot lugs, and an attached base, all in handcrafted pewter. 5.5" across, stands 1.75" tall. Made in the UK.