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Mother Mae's Marvelous Shortbread Mix - Lemon

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Lemon makes everything you cook taste better. Mother Mae, my husband Andrew's grandmother, would have known that from childhood. We suspect she may have used it in her shortbread without writing it down, as lemons would have only been available sporadically when she lived in Greenock. We did find her secret to perfect shortbread was her vanilla infused sugar(there was always a jar of sugar with a vanilla bean inside on the pantry shelf) and a touch of rice flour. Her picture graces each 14 ounce bag of Lemon Shortbread Mix and each bag will fill two of our Shortbread pans with buttery, mouthwatering shortbread. All you do is add two sticks of unsalted butter and blend, press the mix in the pans and bake. How easy is that?
Of course you can use any pan, a round cake pan to make wedges, or a simple square or rectangular pan to cut traditional fingers, but we love the fancy designs made by our shortbread pans. Made simply with flour, vanilla-infused sugar, rice flour, and lemon zest. Exclusively at Scottish Gourmet USA.