Burns Night 2018

Burns Night 2018


We encourage everyone to participate in a Burns Night – for the poems, the songs, the food, the fun of participating, and, of course, the whisky. There are dozens of websites with advice and resources for holding your own Burns Supper. Here are our recommendations.

The Official Robert Burns Website For the complete works, in the original text, English, French, German, Spanish and even American! You can find a poem or song if you only know a phrase, using the search index. Advice and recipes for a traditional Burns Supper including the order of events for the evening and even possible readings from those inspired by Burns.

The Complete Guide to the Bard www.rabbie-burns.com If you can scroll past the irritating ads at the top of the page, this site has a great timeline of Burns' life, and a good biography. There are more recipes and ideas for your supper as well.

The World Burns Club This website has a small archive of Toast to the Lassies and The Lassies Reply as well as a few original poems that can inspire you if this is your assigned role for the evening. You can also find literally dozens of places to participate in a Burns Supper all over the world. If you think you are related to Robert Burns you can explore the Burns Family Tree!

The BBC Robert Burns Website Everything you need in one site, beautifully presented by the BBC.

Still stumped for how to hold a Burns Supper? Buy the Burns Supper Companion for $10 and just enjoy the evening in your home. Hear Andrew give the Address to the Haggis Yes, this is our Haggis man, Andrew Hamilton, giving The Address to the Haggis. Enjoy!