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Catering Haggis - 5 lb.

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Our same crumbly delicious haggis made from American lamb, Scottish oats, onions, a touch of beef liver and Andrew Hamilton's special spice blend - now in a 5 lb catering size. Packed in a plastic casing, this haggis is perfect for serving a large crowd, or when you need lots of haggis - like 25 lbs to feed 100 people. The plastic casing holds the contents under pressure - so please be very careful if you use this for a ceremonial haggis - as the one that skewers the plastic is bound to get some haggis in the face! We suggest steaming these haggis in a deep roasting pan with plenty of water, and aluminum foil on top to keep the steam in. If frozen, give these two hours to reheat, if thawed, 90 minutes should do it. To serve - first pierce the plastic with a fork to release the pressure, then slice open the haggis, and serve hot with mashed potatoes and turnips.