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Haggis - 1 lb. Log

Balmoral Chicken
Haggis, Apple & Whisky Stuffing
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We are pleased to present haggis, the classic Scottish dish, made for us exclusively here in America. We taught a French sausage maker to make a crumbly delicious haggis made from American lamb, onions, Scottish oats and Andrew Hamilton's special spice blend.

Presented in a 1 lb fat sausage casing, you'll love it served up with the classic side dishes of mashed potatoes and mashed turnips (champit tatties and bashed neeps for the Scots). Each one pound haggis will serve two as a generous main course, or four as an appetizer. Our haggis is crumbly and delicious. If you don't agree this is the best haggis you can get in the US today, call us and we'll refund your purchase price of the haggis. As always at Scottish Gourmet USA, it is satisfaction guaranteed.

Your haggis is cooked then frozen and vacuum packed in poly film. We ship it to you frozen, but it can thaw in transit as we do not ship with dry ice. Upon arrival, your haggis can be kept in the fridge for up to 4 weeks, or put it back in the freezer for up to one year as the sealed pouch will protect this fully cooked haggis from freezer burn. Named one of the 1000 foods to eat before you die by Mimi Sheraton.