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The Glasgow Cookery Book - 100th Anniversary Edition

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What began as a textbook at The Glasgow and West Scotland College of Domestic Science, became the bible of Scottish cooking over time. Collected recipes from the staff and Glasgow residents were documented as they were taught in class, and soon the practical advice and economical recipes taught at 'The Do'(pronounced 'dough') became world famous. This is one of those cookbooks handed down from mother to daughter and often given as a gift to young brides.

All the classic Scottish recipes are here, updated with metric and US measures. You'll enjoy the haggis, pot roast, cheese scones, Dundee cake, Victoria sandwich, gingerbread and shortbread. During these tough economic times, the practical approach to cooking on a budget is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago. 544 pages, not a food photo anywhere, hardcover.