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How to Cook Haggis

First – we already cooked it for you, so you just need to reheat it! We recommend that you thaw your haggis beforehand. A frozen 1 lb. haggis can thaw in the refrigerator overnight, or in a water bath in the sink in about an hour. A 5 lb. haggis takes 2-3 days to thaw in the fridge, and 2-3 hours in the sink.


  • Oven Method – Preheat your oven to 350º and remove the haggis from the outer shrink packaging, being careful not to cut the plastic casing. Place the thawed haggis in a loaf pan and add an inch of water. Cover the loaf pan with aluminum foil to create a steam bath for the haggis. The steam will keep the haggis moist, prevent it from bursting and allow the haggis to expand slowly as the temperature goes up. Put the sealed haggis pan in the oven for 45 minutes for a thawed haggis. Increase the time to one hour for a frozen haggis.
  • Crock Pot Method – Remove the haggis from its outer plastic packaging and the plastic casing and add it to the crock pot or slow cooker. Heat on HIGH for 45 minutes if thawed – 1 hour if frozen. Stir the haggis every 15 minutes or so to prevent the edges from getting dried out. Turn the slow cooker to WARM and serve when you are ready with the tatties and neeps! A crock pot is a great method for heating a lot of haggis for a crowd, just be sure to stir it so the outside edge and bottom don’t dry out.
  • Steam on the Stove Method – First – NEVER drop your haggis into boiling water – one or both ends will burst and you’ll have haggis soup. If you can only use a stove top to reheat your haggis – put the haggis in a steam basket above the boiling water, ideally wrapped in aluminum foil just in case it bursts! Steam the haggis above simmering water (not a rolling boil) for 45 minutes thawed, 1 hour if frozen. Best to keep the haggis in the plastic outer packaging as further precaution against overheating the haggis and bursting the casing.
  • Microwave Method – NOT RECOMMENDED – Remove the haggis from the outer packaging and the plastic casing, making certain you have removed both metal clips from each end. Place the haggis in a microwavable bowl and cover it loosely with a plate or other lid. Plastic wrap will not work here as exploding oatmeal will rip through the plastic wrap. Microwave at 50% power for 3 minutes, remove and stir, heat for a further 3 minutes at 50% power, stir. Depending on your microwave power, you may need to repeat this once or twice more. Please do not use full power as the oatmeal will pop like popcorn and make a mess of your microwave!


  • Oven Method – Increase cooking time to 90 minutes for a thawed 5lb haggis, 2 hours for frozen. For multiple 5lb haggis, increase the pan size to accommodate 2-3 haggis in a roasting pan, still sealing the pan with foil. Turn or roll the haggis every 20-30 minutes to insure even heating throughout and add more water to the pan if needed. DO NOT LET THE WATER DRY OUT – keep the steam bath active by adding more water. Desired internal temperature is 160º, if you must use a temperature probe – push it through the gathered end thru the metal clip. Don’t stick it in the sides!.
  • Crock Pot Method – Increase cooking time to 90 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes.
  • Stove Top – DON”T DO IT!
  • Microwave – DON’T DO IT!


The only way to cook a presentation haggis is slowly in the oven. DO NOT REMOVE the outer packaging as the natural casing is very fragile and needs to be protected until removed from the oven. Use same cooking time as a thawed catering haggis, 90 minutes. PLEASE THAW YOUR PRESENTATION HAGGIS BEFORE REHEATING. Natural casings may split if the pan gets dry, so please check your presentation haggis every 15-20 minutes to roll it in the water and add more water if the pan is getting dry. Make sure it stays moist in the oven and don’t let the plastic packaging adhere to the pan!