About Us

Our Goal

To deliver the finest foods from Scotland to our customers and to have you as a customer for life.
You are the reason we exist - and we love to hear from you whether by phone, email or snail mail. We have received many suggestions for new products, and also suggestions on products and packing that need improvement. We love your pictures, stories and reviews.

Our History

Scottish Gourmet USA was founded in 2005 by Anne Robinson after several years of visiting Scotland during her courtship and then marriage in 1999 to Andrew Hamilton, a kilt wearing, scotch drinking, Scottish chef and hotelier from Inverness.

Andrew started his Scottish food business, Scottish Wild Harvest, in late 2003 when a friend and noted restauranteur challenged Andrew to deliver live langoustines to his New York eatery. Three weeks later the first live langoustines landed at Newark Airport. The New York Times noted this Scottish invasion, labelling his product "exquisite crustaceans" and business took off. Within weeks, he was supplying the top restaurants in Manhattan. Very quickly, consumers started asking for these Scottish delicacies to cook at home. Andrew met consumers on the street outside restaurant - giving new meaning to the word dealer!

Meanwhile Anne was going to Scotland with Andrew and shopping for gifts to bring back to friends and family. One of the gifts she always brought back, in ever increasing quantities, was Struan Heather Honey. She found many other delicious Scottish foods with no equivalent in the USA. Anne had experience in the consumer catalogue world and she decided to create Scottish Gourmet USA, a consumer direct business devoted to selling the best Scottish foods. The website was launched in July 2005 (and the first order came two days later for organic porridge oats - thank you, Megan).

The first catalogue was mailed in October 2005. As the years progressed we added several new products specifically requested by our customers,like Rhubarb & Ginger Jam and Dundee Cake, just to name a few. In November 2007 we added the most requested item - great tasting haggis! Thank you all for that request as we are now the biggest haggis seller in the USA. Having a Burns Supper? We have everything you need.

We now sell meat pies - another frequent request, breakfast bangers, bridies and sausage rolls. While these foods may not be really 'gourmet' foods, you wanted them as they are classic Scottish foods. We definitely listen to your requests, and will let you know when your request is answered!

Our Headquarters

Scottish Gourmet USA has moved to Greensboro, North Carolina. We do have a store for you to shop in person, and if you want to place the order on the website and pick it up at the store use PROMO CODE - PICKUP and we'll get the order ready for you. Be sure to call in advance to be certain we'll be there to greet you. We do have warehouse sales from time to time, and there is always a SALE or SPECIAL OFFERS section on this site to allow all our customers to enjoy the best for less.