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Orange Marmalade with Bladnoch Whisky

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Galloway Lodge Preserves cooks each small batch of their fine marmalades very slowly over an open flame to allow the fruits to caramelize with the sugar for a rich home-made taste. This Fine Cut Orange Marmalade is the classic breakfast spread made with Seville oranges, sugar and Bladnoch Malt Whisky. Bladnoch Whisky is made in Bladnoch, Wigtonshire, and is Scotland's southernmost distillery - so this is not a Speyside, Highland or Island Malt - it has a flavor all its own that pairs well with the tart Seville oranges. With 4% whisky, you will notice the flavor, but it isn't going to send you off to work impaired!

Ingredients: Sugar, Oranges, Bladnoch Whisky (4%), Water.
12 oz jar has 34 grams of fruit per 100 grams, Sugar content is 65 grams per 100 grams.