Tartan Day is April 6th - Please order now as we close for ten days to move on March 29th. All orders must ship before we leave NJ!

Tartan Day Dinner

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Haggis, Mashed Potatoes(tatties) and Mashed Yellow Turnips(Rutabagas)(neeps) - you will need to add milk and butter! A packet of Royal Stewart tartan napkins will give your table a tartan touch.
Celebrate Scots in America on April 6th, declared a National Day by President Bush in 2008. April 6th in 1320, Scotland signed the Declaration of Arbroath declaring independence from England. Founding Father Thomas Jefferson used the Declaration of Arbroath as a model when creating the Declaration of Independence. Inside each Tartan Day Dinner Box is a parchment page with the 2008 Presidential Proclamation and the Declaration of Arbroath. Maybe some day Tartan day will have the same recognition as St. Patrick's Day - but as a celebration of Scots contribution to our great country. Share this day with friends and family!